Visioning in the Dark, the NGO project that I like most

In 2016 I was asked by Asia Society HK to create a photography workshop. Thanks for the support from the host I changed the program into a more challenging activity. Teaming photographers with a group of vision impaired participants to create visual art pieces. It was an inspiring experience for all parties. Thanks again for everyone involved to make this project come true. 
2016 年有机会跟亚洲协会香港分会举办了一个非一般的摄影项目,黑暗中的影像。有幸把多位摄影师跟视障人士连在一起,合作完成摄影作品。过程中各人除亲身感受每一位参与者的潜能外,从中更得到启发。这是我创作的项目中最有意思的一个。

reference from other NGO projects upon request: