GE & Partners

Global Exposures, GE, is a brand label created by Bobby Lee for organising travelling photography workshops.  GE’s goal is to create “proper” travelling photographic workshops* for high-end photographic enthusiasts.They invest their precious time and resources seeking for the best photos behind their cameras. The idea was further developed and collaboration with Scott Dunn HK*. Formed in 2013, our first workshop’s destination was South India in 2013.  GE always travel in small groups, between 4 to 8 participants to keep our mobility and to guarantee enough tutoring time shared by each participant.

Global Exposures (简称 GE) 为香港资深商业摄影师 Bobby Lee 于 2013 年所创立的一系列旅游摄影工作坊。拥有四十年丰富摄影经验的 Bobby Lee 每年与高端定制旅行社 Scott Dunn (前身 Country Holidays) 在世界各地安排全新概念的摄影工作坊。从南印度旅游摄影工作坊开始, GE 不断为喜爱摄影的参加者设计独特的旅拍安排。而 Bobby Lee 每次都亲自随团分享及指导。 GE 旅游摄影工作坊的特别之处有二。其一是参加人数限制在八位以下 ,这样对行程及活动的安排上会更有弹性 。同时参加者亦可以有更多个别时间与 Bobby Lee 研究及学习摄影。第二是 GE 是坊间少有用心举办的摄影工作坊。

Country Holidays is now part of a leading international luxury travel company, Scott Dunn.  Country Holidays started over 20 years ago as a tour operator organising hiking trips in the Himalayas. In a similar fashion, Scott Dunn was founded in London 30 years ago as a specialist in ski holidays. Today, both companies share a common passion for creating high-quality tailormade holidays to exciting destinations all over the world. Scott Dunn HK offers a range of unique products and exclusive experiences, be it a cultural journey in the Middle East, exploring the food trails in Italy, or a safari adventure in Tanzania. Guests at Country Holidays will also have access to Scott Dunn’s portfolio of luxury Mediterranean villas and European ski chalets. Scott Dunn operates globally with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, London and California.  Its team of professional and experienced travel consultants are always enthusiastic to help you design an exceptional holiday like no other.

Scott Dunn 是一家拥有30年历史的旅遊社,其专业并且经验丰富的旅行顾问团队会根据客人的兴趣,提供合适的旅行方案,度身定造既高品质而又别出心裁的假期。Scott Dunn 在新加坡、香港、英国及美国加州均设有办事处,提供24小时环球服务。